What Happens If I Don’t Prepare My Pool For Winter?

What Happens If I Don’t Prepare My Pool For Winter?

It’s that time of year again when we have to prepare our pools for winter. This can look very different aquarium sand filter from region to region. It really all depends on how cold the winters are in your forest neck.

Normally, the differential should be 2 to 4 psi. Most filters are equipped with a pressure gauge, mounted on the top of the filter. Sometimes the meter is mounted on the multiport valve. These meters read from 0 to 60 psi and are useful in a number of ways.

You will have to change the arena every five to seven years. This process involves removing the old sand from the filter and replacing it with clean sand. Well, they bring the filtered water back to the pool. For a saltwater pool, instead of adding chlorine to the pool water, add salt and the generator turns it into chlorine.

Carefully inspect these stress areas for fine cracks that may be the source of the leak. Provide a peephole on the backwash pipe so you can see any leaks and/or have a shut-off valve on that line that remains closed when the valve is in the normal filtration position. Remove the screws from the top of the valve cover. Pull the handle up as if you were going to wash back, but keep pulling up to remove the entire piston assembly.

A better indication is when dirt returns to the pool or when the suction power is poor. Sand filters use a specific size and quality of sand (#20). If the particle size is large, filtration of smaller particles is not possible, and if the size of the sand is too small, it will clog the sides. Hold the inside of the tank, manifold and mounting wheel with a hose. Remove the grates with a hose and rub them lightly to loosen the dirt.

This helps prevent damage to the side assembly. The principle of depth filtration works well, unless, that is, the sand filter is not washed often enough. Without backwashing, dirt particles begin to accumulate on the surface of the sand bed and will result in short cycles, channeling and poor overall filtration. Manual feeding of chlorine or other disinfectants keeps the water clean for seven to 10 days, depending on the swimmer’s load and other similar factors. The clarity of the water can suffer a little, but with enough disinfectant it should not become cloudy or green. As a general rule, the maximum current through a 1-1/2-inch PVC pipe is 70 gallons per minute.

Pools need maintenance to stay clean and safe before use. Your pool has several parts that work to keep it free of debris, one of which is the ever-so-important underground pool filter system. Cartridge filters do not have a backwash valve, because a cartridge pool filter cannot be matched. The arena may have a valve mounted on the top or side, and DE filters have a side-mounted valve. A multi-port valve, which usually has 6 functions, or the 2-function sliding valve, also known as push-pull valve, can be used for rewinding.