13 Best Eyelins From 2021

13 Best Eyelins From 2021

This lining has a creamy gel-like consistency and comes in a cute glass jar. If you prefer a matte look, you should buy this eyeliner. This Yanqina Precision waterproof lining is a great product for everyday use. It is stain resistant and gives you the darkest black finish in one hit.

This type of eyeliner is generally quite creamy, easy to apply, highly pigmented and comes in different colors. Their only drop is the fact that they tend to dry if the lid is not screwed tight enough . Great if you like thick, dramatic lining, the liquid version of Giorgio Armani lives up to its name. The consumer favorite in our laboratory test has not colored or faded all day. This also means that you have to work quickly when applying, as soon as the rich color dries up, it is set.

The formula is so creamy that you can make a cat’s eye or mix it to stain the line. There are so many shades, including the matte and metal options. tattoo eyeliner The perfect combination of pencil and gel, the Benefit lining gives you all the benefits of a gel formula without the need for extra tools.

The texture is smooth and creamy and provides a subtle glossy finish. You need two touches of this lining for an opaque finish. It is resistant to sweat and moisture and lasts up to 12 hours.

In addition, you will be happy to know that it can easily last all day, even through a series of accidental eye friction. The luxurious packaging of this eyeliner makes it an attractive make-up … Better yet, once you have removed the cap and are working, it will not disappoint; The gel formula can be applied gently without catching the delicate skin around the eye or drying it too quickly. It is also comfortable all day and does not cause irritation to sensitive eyes, including bright tones. Whatever color you choose to apply, you will have to work quickly; Like many gel coatings, it dries very quickly. However, this factor has an advantage: it contributes to the end that remains then alone.