What You Need To Know Before You Go To Munich

What You Need To Know Before You Go To Munich

If you have time to add this city to your itinerary, the Small-Group Salzburg Day Trip from Munich is an easy, comfortable, and fun way to see Salzburg in one day. This tour includes a scenic train ride, a walking tour of Salzburg, and free time to stroll the historic streets on your own. Munich and its surroundings have several castles that are worth a visit if you want to see how the old Bavarian royal family lived. Schloss Nymphenburg in particular is quite a day trip, as it also features beautiful gardens, a neighbouring science museum, a river full of hungry tents and covered botanical gardens. Near where the bus leaves there is a ticket building where you can book tours of the castles.

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History is worth discovering and there are several places that share it. If you’re studying history or want to learn more about a country’s past, Germany is the place to be. Germany has the most popular and interesting story of all time. It ranges from the evils of Nazi Germany to the rise of the railway empire. History dates back to Julius Caesar and is intertwined by wars, political unrest, religious impositions and industrial revolutions.

So many cool things to do, and most of them aren’t your typical touristy stuff. It makes me want to come back as soon as possible and take a look at some of these lesser-known attractions. Like, it’s not a problem, just spend the discreet day in Austria. You can take the train, drive or even watch the many profitable tours you can book from Munich to Salzburg and from Munich to Innsbruck as well. Walchensee is an absolute dream for swimming and water sports, with water so blue and clear that some have come to call it the Maldives of Germany.

Check out our full 3-day itinerary in Berlin to put together a trip and get the most out of your trip. The stretch of the river is dotted with impressive castles and Lorelei Rock which are pleasant aspects of the cruise. Germany’s medieval history is clearly visible in the castles, churches and houses in the countryside. Exposure to creativity in the bustling city is not comparable to anything else.

Just around the Olympic stadium you will find the BMW Welt. This special BMW suitcase is enclosed in a glass and steel display viaggi oktoberfest case, in the shape of a spiral. BMW Welt is a car show space and people who love BMW car style should visit this place.

Of course, Oktoberfest always attracts crowds; in fact, it has become a full-fledged annual item for many of Europe’s party-hungry youth. But despite the free-flowing alcohol, Munich has long been considered Berlin’s annoying-annoying southern cousin. Whether you have a cold in Munich or are just looking for a stylish French body lotion, the many Pharmacies, the city is here to help. Pharmacists are familiar with the most common ailments and can offer advice on what kind of over-the-counter medications can help.

Munich has had its share of dark historical episodes, and there are many museums and memorials in the city where you can learn more. A trip to Munich is not complete without a visit to the impressive contemporary art galleries. Galerie Sabine Knust has renowned international artists, while Galerie Jo van de Loo specializes in young local artists. FC Bayern Munich is the most successful team in German history and is known all over the world.

The interior is also impressive after a total renovation in March 2018, with a cosy pub/restaurant and tours around the brewery. Even libraries in Germany look like something out of a fairy tale: look at that spiral staircase. This is the Juristische Bibliothek in munich’s spectacular town hall.