5 Essential Tips to a Successful Business Meeting


Whether it’s inspiring your employees or attracting new customers, successful meetings are key to your organization’s success. Business meetings are important opportunities for communication, and since communication is mostly non-verbal, your location speaks as much as you do.

When choosing a place for a business meeting, think about what message to send and with whom to talk. Who is your audience and what motivates them? For example, if you’re running an ad campaign for a public client, their motivation is more likely to be a fear of failure, not a chance of success. Your location should indicate that your business is safe and cautious, does not take risks and does its job. If you motivate your employees in times of uncertainty, your location should have a positive image. It should show that the business is in good working order, but at the same time do not spend money on expensive meeting places!

Everything about your meeting place carries a message. Your audience learns a lot more about every aspect than you think: location, layout, amenities, food, and more. The following tips will help you choose the right venue and make it a success.

1) How many people attend the meeting? This affects the size of the room and the amenities you need. It is important that your seat is not too busy for your guests. If you can’t afford a large enough space, invite fewer people. The comfort of your audience is the key to successfully conveying your message or ideas.

2) What is your budget? Shopping is important. You want to get the most out of your investments and need a hosting that you can trust. De Vere Venues tops the list of Britain’s leading companies for training, conferences and meetings – so you know you’re in safe hands – but there are many more. If possible, visit this place before booking to know exactly how much you are paying.

3) Who will attend the meeting? Ideas of great but unusual places will be lost for some viewers. For example, you can rent furnished treehouses that are ideal for inspiring your employees, but may not be appropriate for providing sales data to management. Try to think outside the box, but know your guests and think how they will react to your choice. Old-fashioned business people may not be impressed by unusual places, and some of the audience may be too distracted.

4) What rooms do you need? Maybe you just need a small room to view some documents or a room for business meetings for 1500 people with modern audiovisual equipment. There is nothing worse than going somewhere and realizing that there is no Internet connection or projector. Guests notice this poor planning and affect their perception of you and the meeting. Food is an important consideration. If you need catering services, how good are the chefs? Proper nutrition has a positive effect on people’s moods and can impress potential customers by allowing them to trust your judgments. On the other hand, bad food has an even greater negative effect. Try to find restaurant reviews on sites such as zype or even on Google Maps, or try it for yourself.

5) How do people get there? If you have a meeting in a very remote location, by the time they arrive, people may be concerned about finding a place or tired of a long trip. This strongly affects their mood and concentration. They may come to the meeting with a subconsciously negative view of your communication even before you start, or they may be so tired that they do not eat anything! Make sure you choose a nearby and easily accessible place. If you choose a place that is far enough away from some customers, you can make sure they have accommodation or accommodation nearby. If people arrive on a plane, it is important that they can survive the night and wake up rested. In addition, the best location will be near the airport.

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